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10-8-2015 (link)

JR Uncut: Winners in the end
1-6-2015 (link)

JR Match Report: Swindon
28-5-2015 (link)

Player Rater: Swindon
28-5-2015 (link)

JR Uncut: A date with destiny (Wembley - the Final chapter)
28-5-2015 (link)

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Geoff Ollerton

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"I've watched PNE for most of my life and enjoyed some great times doing it. The away days are fabulous, and the memories priceless. My favourite season? 1970/71 when Alan Ball Snr was manager and he took us to promotion, and created The Gentry. I've been in PSG from the start and been chairman since 2002. It's an enjoyable experience most of the time and I have made some really good friends."

Vice Chairman

Ian (Mel)

Ian (Mel) Holden

"I started watching PNE in 1971 and Alex Bruce was my favourite player, although I was nicknamed 'Mel' after another PNE forward - Mel Holden. I learned of the independent supporter group PSG in 2001 and joined up as soon as possible, I was elected onto the committee soon afterwards and have been on ever since. My role on PSG is Events Co-ordinator and chief 'agitator'."



Karen Dottridge

"My first game was in 1998 after meeting a season ticket holder at a party and inviting myself along - hooked ever since. I joined PSG in 2002 after an argument with Geoff at a forum and became treasurer in 2004."


Barbara McCombs

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"My first visit to North End was in the guild week of 1952, So i have seen many ups and downs. I founded and set up the Disabled Supporters Association in 2000 as I did with the website www.awads.com. I feel that as a fully qualified DDA disability advisor my knowledge may help at sometime. We at PNEDSA are only a small group and having spoken to Geoff and been invited to join forces with PSG, we now feel we have a voice and truly belong to PNE. My life is my family, My passion is my Football."

Away Travel


John Eastham

"I began watching PNE in the early '70s and hardly missed a match for two or three seasons. I then had to work away from home for a couple of years and got married on my return. The usual pressures of parenthood kept me away from Deepdale until around 1992 when my oldest lad Graham started asking me to take him to watch Liverpool. There was no way I was taking him there so I took him to watch Preston and my love for the club was rekindled. I joined PSG a few seasons ago and am now on the committee and involved in boosting the away travel numbers."

Fans Involvement


John Kelly

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"I have been watching PNE for as long as I can remember, with my parents taking me to nearly every game when I was young. I attend every home game, and most away games. I joined PSG when they formed in 2000 and was asked to join the commitee around 4 years ago."



Alistair Baron

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"I started going on North End quite late due to nobody in my family really following football when I was young - I've changed all that now. Still, I've got through Peters, Moyes, Brown, Davies and countless players. I took over the site from Chris in July 2006 after somebody told Geoff I could turn on a computer."

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