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In this section we bring you articles written by North End fans on many subjects, some North End related, others just football related.

A regular column will be provided by Dan Philipson who will talk about the mad world As a Football Fan...

We're always looking for new articles to add, so if you have anything to contribute to fans focus, then please get in touch.


The Day I Met A Hero

Geoff Ollerton

Wednesday 13th February 2008

Geoff recalls the day he met Johnny Haynes, back in 1959.

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History Repeating Itself

Geoff Ollerton

Thursday 3rd January 2008

PSG Chairman Geoff Ollerton takes a look back to the sixties and detects a similar trend of 'selling to survive' leading to failure.

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Don't Ask Who Tolls the Bell


Monday 12th November 2007

A PSG member who wants to be known only as 'Sparkler' has given us a great contribution, discussing the mad world of modern football pricing the ordinary fans out of the market.

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Schoolboy Errors

Dan Philipson

Thursday 1st November 2007

Last week, after Paul Simpson turned down a bid from Stoke City for North End midfielder Danny Pugh, we saw a deluge of posts on PNE-Online suggesting that our illustrious manager had made a terrible blunder, particularly given that the hobbit-lookalike is currently out of the first team.

This got me thinking about previous howlers that the current manager has made, and those of PNE bosses down the years. Therefore, I decided to run a fun poll to find out what people thought were the hugest of the huge schoolboy errors made over the past quarter of a century.

After managing to collate 200 votes, my exclusive rundown shows that a short-arsed Scot features rather prominently.

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Could We Ever Compete With This?

Geoff Ollerton

Monday 26th February 2007

The third installment of Fans Focus comes from PSG Chairman Geoff Ollerton. Geoff talks about his trip to the League Cup final and an interesting conversation with some Arsenal fans.

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Dodgy Pubs

Graham Nelson

Friday 29th September 2006

The second installment of Fans Focus comes from Graham 'The Vicar' Nelson. Graham takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about some of the many pubs visited on away days.

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87 Grounds?

Paul Whelan

Tuesday 8th August 2006

The first installment of Fans Focus comes from Paul Whelan. Paul looks at how people count up their away games, aiming for the magical 92.

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