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10-8-2015 (link)

JR Uncut: Winners in the end
1-6-2015 (link)

JR Match Report: Swindon
28-5-2015 (link)

Player Rater: Swindon
28-5-2015 (link)

JR Uncut: A date with destiny (Wembley - the Final chapter)
28-5-2015 (link)

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PSG Logo

Welcome to the Preston Supporters Group (PSG) website, www.psg.me.uk. PSG is an independent supporters group for English League 1 football club Preston North End.

PSG was formed in 1999/2000 following the realisation that Preston North End no longer had an independent supporters group. We thought then, and still do, that all clubs need a supporters group that is not accountable to anyone at the club they support. Some people don't agree with the idea of being "independent" and because of this it took a long time for PSG to be accepted. In some quarters we still aren't today, but we soldier on presenting a mouth piece for PNE fans whether they are PSG members or otherwise.

Preston Supporters Group is steadfast in its support of Preston North End. We are, and always will be, supportive of anything that brings improvement and the prospect of success to our Football Club.

2014/15 is our 15th year of existence and from a humble beginning when we had around 30/40 members we now have over 350.

Thanks to everyone who supports us in our efforts to support Preston North End.

Geoff Ollerton, PSG Chairman

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